Group Tutorial - What to do next...

On Friday I had a group tutorial to speak about my work. This was really interesting to hear everyones views on my work and what I had been recently stuck on. Recently I have been slightly stuck or bored on what I've been working on. I really enjoy the process of screen printing but I have been quite repetitive on what I've been doing. I have decided to go back to my sketchbook and draw out designs that I could print. Taking inspiration from prints that I have already done to create 6 final designs. This was suggested to me in the tutorial, plan out what I want to print for my final designs as this will give me a purpose of what to print. With 3 weeks left I will print these 6 prints over the weeks. Knowing what I need to print will encourage me to work quicker so I can get these samples done. I have decided to print the samples 1.5m by 1m. I think these are good sizes to print as they will also be good sizes for degree show or new designers.

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Today I had a tutorial with Helen to discuss what I might potentially take to new designers. We spoke about how much space I would get, 80cm which is a bit smaller than we had planned. As my samples