Workshop with Laura Slater - LO7

On Friday I had the opportunity of attending a workshop with Laura Slater where she spoke about her collaboration with Kin at John Lewis. This was such an amazing and helpful experience. Though this collaboration is on women's wear Laura mainly produces work for interiors. The designers at Kin approached Laura as they had seen her on pintrest and they thought what she had been pinning fitted exactly with what they wanted to produce for there new collection. I thought this was an amazing way to be found, being distracted by pintrest far to much could finally get me somewhere?

She mainly looks at using primary shapes for her work taking inspiration from architecture mainly modernist found in Palm Springs. This is something that I found very relatable as I mainly use primary shapes within my work that I get from architecture. When she creates her designs she tends to use black sugar paper to create collages for screens to produce a print, she spoke about how she used to just cut paper stencils and use an open screen (a process that I have been using), but to create more than one print with this is hard as you can only use the stencil once. So she has been exposing her shapes onto screens to be able to create perfect shapes that she can use over and over again. This is something that I should probably think about as using stencils also wastes a lot of paper where as an exposed screen doesn't as much.

When producing designs Laura mainly uses the printing process to create her drawings and collages using overlapping of colours and shapes to find interesting new ones within the print and then goes back and draws from these. This is a process that I have also been doing through out my final project as my prints are always giving me inspiration on what I can do next. For Laura the drawing and processes that she does are key to developing her project and usually when it is a collaboration she is working on she may only have 10 days to work on so knowing what already works well is important.

Screen printing is very important to Laura and is a process she is very proud to use. She loves the hand made element that comes with it and this was very important that when it came to printing with Kin that everything was screen printed as this is her style and part of her identity as a designer. This also means that each garment they have created each one will have a slightly different design on it because of the screen printing process.

This workshop ended with printing tote bags with a design she had made just for the workshop which we got to print. This was such an interesting workshop to attend and she was so interested to talk about her work and how she actually does everything when she is given a project from someone. This has been really interesting to see how other people work and has given me some confidence that I am actually doing the right thing.

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