Deciding between stencils or screens - LO8

I have always used a mix of stencils and screens I think this helps with my hand made look to my work. I have been trying to decide wether one process works better than the other for me but after testing them both out I have decided they both work well for me and I still make mistakes and accidents using screens as I do for stencils. I think to develop my skills further I just need to plan out my designs before I print and I know what my next step will be when printing my shapes. I also need to work a little faster in the print room and make all my colours before I start printing and have my plan next to me so I can just print and not have to worry about what shape I may do next which is my biggest flaw.

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Today I had a tutorial with Helen to discuss what I might potentially take to new designers. We spoke about how much space I would get, 80cm which is a bit smaller than we had planned. As my samples