“You've only got one boy colour” - LO9

Whilst I was at home I spent time with my nieces to try and get them to help me with my colour palette for this project. Ive been trying to create a palette that is gender neutral. This was an interesting activity as they have a very different opinion on colours as I do. They see the colours as boy colours as girl colours where as I don't think of them like that at all. It was interesting to listen to their conversation whilst they were picking colours out of a selection I had given them.

“You’ve only got one boy colour” -Georgia, aged 10

One of my nieces prefers "boy colours" where as another one loves "girl colours". When they made me pick my colours one of them pointed out that I only had one boy colour, but I didn't see it as that I just saw them as colours. Its interesting to see how as children if something is pink it is seen as a girl thing or if something is blue its for boys. I want my colour palette to fit in any gender.

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