Tutorial with Helen - Why I need to change my project to fit with what I want to do and enjoy. LO8

After a tutorial with Helen, I spoke through how Im struggling a bit with this project and not feeling like it is my work. Ive been trying to take shapes and inspiration from children's drawings. This is not working for me and i'm not getting excited about it and this is something that needs to happen. We discussed going home to places I went to and have memories of when I was a child. I am going to photograph and draw these places to get shapes and mark makings from. I think this is good and will help me get back into working in my style which I already have. This will also make it easier to have a narrative behind my work.

I decided to take a step away from the kids project as this wasn't working for me. I wasn't getting inspired by it enough. I also think it wasn't really working with what I might want to do in the future. I would love to fit my work to a comercial look but I think its just too individual to do that. Which is why I have been thinking about maybe after uni I would start my own brand. Maybe create products as well as print fabrics as this is something that I love about printing and I don't want to stop doing after uni.

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