A visit from Kalopsia. -LO7

We had the chance to meet the lovely people from Kalopsia to find out what they do and how they got there. As graduates from NUA it was really interesting to find out what steps they took next after they graduated to where they are now. Now living in Edinburgh they shared with us how through funding and support from each other they have managed to set up a business that is there to help designers with manufacturing. One of the hardest things about trying to create your own products is finding somewhere that is not only sustainable but also reasonably priced and this is something that they are trying to create with the collective.

I think this was a great idea one of my problems is always how will I create a product. They spoke to us about how to use your social media presence to get yourself known and your own audience. They also told us lots of interesting business advice for if we were to start our own business, which after going to there talk has made me be interested and this could possibly be something that I might want to do. It also helped me think about how I could be more sustainable within my projects and how I can use slow fashion to fit with my style.

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