Bobo Chooses - LO7

Bobo Chooses is a brand that focuses on creating fun clothes in comfortable shapes for kids to play with; writing crazy children books that give meaning to our collections and designing beautiful objects that lift our feet off the ground. We love working in an old toy factory two blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea; learning from local manufacturers’ know. We love being kids stuck inside adults; acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is part of it. They have a really interesting quote that has caught my eye.

‘Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language of children’.

This links with there love of childhood and also using a typical story opening sentence. Bed time stories play a key part in development for children. It can build there imagination for once there asleep as well as when they are playing in the day. Talking to Becca about one of the children she knows she told me about how she likes to draw whilst her sister reads to her as she cant read herself yet so she draws what she thinks would be in the book. I think this is amazing and such a good use of the imagination.

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