Where to start in this project. LO7, LO8, LO10

I am feeling very worried about starting this project. I always get like this when starting a FMP. I think its the pressure that it is the project that is going to get me my degree.

I have started doing some research into what things are already out there for what I want to do. I have looked into what is on trend for children's interiors. Some trends that I have been interested in are below. These are trends from WGSN which fit with my project. I want to create something that is personal to the consumer which is why I'm looking at collobarating with the children who have created me drawings.

Im thinking of also working along side mini projects to create work that is also commercial so looking at the other trends for example, into the wild, bed time stories and geometric shapes to start with. I want to spend about 2 weeks on each of these projects as well as creating my collaborations with the children i know to create a wider portfolio of work that I like doing as well as work that would fit into a commercial portfolio.

I think this will help me from getting stuck in a rut when it comes to a project as I can just move from one to an other.

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