FMP - ideas and where to start

For my final project I'm going to take influence from childhood. Whether this is mine in the past from my own drawings from when I was a child or from photos of me to children that I know and there drawings that they are creating. I want to create a excitement for play again that isn't just sitting in front of a screen. I want to be able to create a collection that can help with this.

After looking at the work of Zara Nugent there was an interesting quote that was said by someone when she was doing her research that has influenced this project a lot.

"Play is very important and it's an aspect of grown up's lives that is often forgotten" Una Mc Mahon.

I want my project to create enjoyment for all the family no matter the age they can play together. This will be interesting for me to research into and create. I love bright colours so I feel that working for children is going to be easy and I hope that the adults will enjoy it too.

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