Laser cutting My Own Sequins. - LO1, LO4

I have been creating my own sequins using the laser cutter. I have created large sequins by cutting out shapes in 1mm acrylic. These are quite large but I really like the exaggerated size that they have once sewn on. I have then used foil to add some texture and colour to them. The foil fuses onto the acrylic meaning I don't have to put glue on. Though this only creates a speckled effect on the sequin rather than a full coverage of foil. I like this though it makes it a bit foiled but not to much. This is something that I will really like to experiment with in the next unit. I think combining my print with mixed media and some stitch would really make it unique. I may try smaller sequins on my smaller prints as I think this may be a bit big for this size fabric but would be excellent for my larger scale work so I will go on to experiment with size and shape.

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