Finally getting some samples for fashion. - LO1, LO4.

This has been a long process, I really don't think that my work fits to fashion so it has been hard to create work for fashion. The process that I usually use I feel that it was getting quite repetitive and not working anymore. I was slowly getting bored of what I do. So I decided to by some fabric and actually have some things done. I have experimented with dying my fabrics which I have really enjoyed. I have created a screen with textures and shapes on to help my work be less flat. I am using binders this time to be able to create interesting layers. I am going to be using flock and foils as well. I am going to be creating laser cut sequins as well for adding embellishments to my pieces.

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Today I had a tutorial with Helen to discuss what I might potentially take to new designers. We spoke about how much space I would get, 80cm which is a bit smaller than we had planned. As my samples