Dying fabric for fashion project - LO1, LO4

For the fashion project I have decided to work onto coloured backgrounds. This is something that I never do and I felt that I needed a bit more excitement for my work. Recently I have been getting quite bored of my style and this is something that I don'd want to happen. I choose to dye my fabrics using the procion hot dyes rather than the dyrect as I felt the colours were more vibrant. As my fabric wasn't that big I only had to dye with the salt for 15 minutes and then fix the dye with the soda ash for 15 minutes as well. For when I create my bigger pieces I will obviously have to dye it for longer. I am really pleased with how these have dyed, this was one of my first times dying fabric to print onto. I really like these colours that I have chosen from the dyes. I am then going to use pigment binder on top of these colours to make layers and textures of screens I have also made.

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