Creating Work for the Exhibition. LO5

On Monday we have the chance to have our work in a exhibition. This was organised by a few people on our course as a mid term show. I really wanted to push myself when making the work for this exhibition. Show to myself what I can really achieve if I plan and work hard. On Monday I spent the whole day printing this piece, it is 150cm wide by 250cm long. This was the biggest I have worked so far. I knew it would be hard for me to keep on track and concentrate as well creating my big pieces I often get distracted and this is something I didn't have time to do this week. On the Friday last week I planned out what I wanted it to look like and took home paper to create the stencils over the weekend as this is something that always slows me down when creating my big pieces. So on Monday I just had to print with the stencils I had created and mix up the colours that I had already decided on. I chose to use 6 colours and change the brightness of them to create more colours as I wanted each shape to be a different colour. After a slight mistake on one of the shapes I had to foil over the top of a shape. I was going to add foil to the print anyway but not as a block shape. I think this still makes it look effective. I am really pleased with how the polychromatic shape has turned out as well I love painting straight onto the fabric but this is a more refined way of doing this which I am really happy that I tried this out and even more with how it looks. Now I just need to decide how I will display it for the exhibition.

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