Paste Resist Workshop - LO1

In the workshop today I tried the technique of paste resist and devorè. We used devorèable fabric and procion and pigment binder. Some people experimented with cross dying their fabric first for this technique. I decided to use the white fabric as my background colour and the shapes I put on top to be the colour. I chose to use pigment binder to create the resist in this process. Using a screen I already had I printed using this and a lovely bright pink. Once this was dried and heat pressed I used a open screen and devorèd the whole fabric. I was hoping this would leave the fabric that didn't have the binder on to be eaten away. And this is the result I achieved. I really like this technique and I think this is one that I will be using more in the project. The binder looks effective but I will try this next with the procion dyes as the binder sits on top of the fabric and this doesn't create a nice drape to the fabric. I hope to be able to use this technique with my shapes on a larger scale than what I got to use in the workshop. Below is a sample I created using this technique.

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