Charlotte Beever Lecture - LO3

On Thursday we had a really interesting lecture by Charlotte Beevor a graduate from Leeds College of Art. Her lecture was really inspirational to know thats what we could achieve once we leave uni. The main thing I learnt from her to keep entering competitions - if your not in it you cant win it. She entered a lot of competitions and got a lot of experiences out of it and this was something she suggested that we do to.

It was so good to see how she works and how she develops her designs. Since graduating she has had many amazing opportunities this is something I wish for once I leave but this is only something I can achieve if I enter and put the work in. She spoke about how helpful new designers and Texprint were so I can only hope that I can work hard enough to maybe get put forward to these.

Below is some of her work or to find more her website is :

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