Reflecting on the peer review. - LO5, LO6

Yesterday we had a peer review were we had to present all the work we had done so far for everyone to go round and look at it and give feedback on what they thought. This is sometimes a helpful process people give you ideas on what to do next, however, sometimes people aren't the best at giving critical feedback which is what I sometimes need with my work. I tend to go off a bit in my projects so to have the critical feedback to push me back into what my project is about would have helped. Though the feedback was really lovely our year is just too good at telling everyone there work is great! I had a few helpful ideas on what to do next with this project so I am going to try these before I finally finish this project and start the fashion one.

Below is a little look at my work layed out as well as a little peak at the amazing work from Amalia.

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Today I had a tutorial with Helen to discuss what I might potentially take to new designers. We spoke about how much space I would get, 80cm which is a bit smaller than we had planned. As my samples