What I will do next. - LO4

After a recent workshop with Les, we were asked to bring something with us that we were stuck with. I choose to bring one of my drawings that I had done as I was unsure on what to do with them next. After discussing with Becca and Esther they suggested that maybe I should create my drawings into the idea of sensory play for children. As I am experimenting with textures within mark making and I love to explore the use of colour, we thought this would be a great idea to look into. I think I will go on to create play mats using different techniques to create different effects. Next I will go on to create samples using different techniques to find out what works best and what is safest for small children.

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Today I had a tutorial with Helen to discuss what I might potentially take to new designers. We spoke about how much space I would get, 80cm which is a bit smaller than we had planned. As my samples